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Grazin’ Spirits, LLC was founded in 2017 as a true Farm to Bottle distillery in Columbia County, New York.  Our passion for sustainable farming at Grazin’ Angus Acres turned into a passion for making the best drinks as well. 

New York Grown and Certified

Thus, Grazin’ Spirits was formed

A small, local, Veteran-owned distillery that prepares each batch of our spirits, using the finest ingredients from start to finish, with our own hands.  Using our knowledge from over a decade of best farming practices to make and source the finest ingredients, as well as the most optimal methods in which to produce spirits that are UNBURDENED ®  – clean, local, and most importantly, great tasting.   We take pride in every step of the production, distillation, barreling, hand bottling and labeling of each of our spirits.

Why Do We Call Our Spirits “UNBURDENED®”?

Our Ingredients…

All of our local grain ingredients are Certified Organic; from our Viking Corn that we grow on six acres of land to the Two Row Malted Barley. Even the hand-picked peaches, pears and cherries that we have growing all over our farm were bought over seven years ago as Certified Organic –  and have never been sprayed with any herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers, ever.  The Wild Blackberries that are used to flavor some of our spirits have never been sprayed, are hand picked, and as flavorful as they come.  The Certified Organic Strawberries that are used to flavor the Unburdened Strawberry Flavored Whiskey are grown locally at the Farm at Miller’s Crossing. The Certified Organic Blueberries that are used to flavor the Unburdened Corn Whiskey Infused with Blueberries were also grown locally at Thompson-Finch Farm.    

That’s what we mean when we say “natural flavor”.


Unburdened Spirits are also New York State Grown & Certified, which stands for local, safely-handled, and environmentally responsible agricultural products.




Our Still…

100 gallon stainless steel still which has a 10″ copper column with six plates, this helps naturally reduce sulfur compounds in order to provide a cleaner taste.



Our Barrels…

Built locally in New York State, with air-dried American White Oak. Air-dried reduces tannins in the wood where as kiln dried can make spirits taste tannic.  This also adds to the smoothness of even our youngest spirits.  The barrels are charred using low temperatures that release desirable flavors and helps bring out the many flavor notes in our aged spirits.



Our Bottles…

Bottles for Unburdened Spirits are made in the USA of glass and are easily reused or recycled. 



Our Labels…

We want the best for our spirits, even right down to the labels. That’s why Terraskin was chosen – an eco friendly, fully compostable (even the adhesive), biodegradable product label that isn’t made from trees or petrochemicals.  As a matter of fact, it’s made from stone!


Our Mission…

To produce locally-sourced spirits using hard work, not technology, that taste amazing without the use of any harmful ingredients.



Our Distiller..

Keith Gibson, Owner and Head Distiller at Grazin’ Spirits, LLC.  As a Veteran Army Combat Medic, Keith served a tour of duty in Iraq from 2008 into 2009.  Keith has also had a passion for food done right for many years, working at Grazin’ Angus Acres since 2006.  He is committed to producing the highest quality Animal Welfare Approved 100% Grass Fed and Finished Black Angus Beef, Pasture Raised & Organically Fed Pork, and Pasture Raised & Organically Fed Chicken and Eggs.  His devotion to creating the best food inspired a desire for the best drinks to go along with it!  After many months of planning, building, and paperwork, the dream of enjoying “unburdened” spirits has become reality! As Keith says,

“We want the finest ingredients in our food & we don’t compromise on what goes into our drinks either!”


We hope that you enjoy our spirits, knowing that every ingredient has been grown or hand-selected by us, locally.   Our mission of providing spirits that are made without the use of herbicides or pesticides isn’t our job, it’s our passion!  Just the ingredients, with none of the nonsense. Carefully selected cuts and handcrafted barrels create a smooth spirit with a finish that begs for another sip.

Raise your glass, and see how laid back New York can be!

Watch the video below as Keith talks about how the distillery started and the plans for the future.  Stop by the Union Square Greenmarket in NYC any Saturday to check out our current offerings and talk to the distiller!

We GROW it,

We MILL it,


One incredibly small batch at a time.

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Our Never Sprayed Peaches are picked right off of our farm, Grazin’ Angus Acres.

Peach Flavored Whiskey is now being served at Helsinki Hudson

Peach Blossoms on our Never Sprayed Peach Trees




Head over to the “In The Bottle” to see what we currently have to offer. “In The Barrel” for soon to be offered. “In The Brain” for what the future holds! 

Thank you for visiting, have a “spirited” day!