In The Barrel…

The Following Spirits Are Currently In Production And

Will Be Available Soon:





UNBURDENED WHISKEY DISTILLED FROM BOURBON MASH, 2019 – Barrel aged in our used Bourbon barrels, this whiskey is a little more laid back than our Bourbon.  Light oak, smoke, vanilla, and caramel are the dominant flavors.   Origin grain flavors are also still notably present, not dominated by strong oak. This easy on the tongue whiskey is sure to be a crowd-pleaser!

Estimated release date: August 2019











UNBURDENED PEACH BRANDY, 2018Distilled using our Never-Sprayed Peaches, yeast, water and Nothing Else! This isn’t “Peach Flavored” Brandy, this is REAL Peach Brandy. That gives a stronger carryover of peach aromas and has many more complex characteristics on the tongue. Aged in our lightly charred barrels, there is just enough oak and the perfect amount of peach.

This is an extremely limited run, once a year. Be ready to get yours while it lasts!

Aged for 7 months before being hand bottled, this will be available in 375 ml

Estimated Release Date: October 2018 – Due to the limited bottles produced in our first run, this is not currently available but future production is in the works.



Unburdened Raspberry Infused Whiskey, 2019This whiskey is vibrant in the bottle as well as on the tongue.  Our classic 100 % corn whiskey base is infused with Certified Organic Raspberries, soaking the berries until the distinct raspberry flavor envelopes the spirit. This whiskey will have a very pronounced raspberry flavor that will be excellent on its own, on the rocks or made in any mixed drink recipe.  Adding a citrus to this brings out the berry flavor further.

This will be seasonally available starting in September 2019 at our Saturday Union Square Greenmarket location.

Hand bottled at 42 % Alcohol/ Volume.