In The Brain…

Awaiting Production:




UNBURDENED PEACH FLAVORED VODKA, TBD – This is a twist from traditional Vodka; We will soak our UNBURDENED VODKA in our farm-grown, hand-picked, Never-Sprayed Peaches to bring a mild fruit flavor into the spirit.







UNBURDENED MULBERRY INFUSED WHISKEY, TBD – Limited bottles will be made of this one of a kind whiskey.  Using our 100% Corn Whiskey as a base this spirit will then be soaked over wild, never sprayed mulberries that grow on our farm. Not traditional in any sense, this whiskey will have sweet and delightful flavors of butterscotch and caramel with light fruity notes that will be sure to please many palates.






Peach Blossoms on our Never Sprayed Peach Trees